Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Unforeseen Circumstances

NOTE: I meant to post the following last night, but Blogger was down for much of yesterday and this morning. John also tried to write a post, but it didn't go through. Check back tomorrow, when hopefully everything is in working order. Thanks.

As you may have noticed over the past week or so, our posts here at Twins Chatter have become a little more sporadic. I've still been doing my part, but John has been encountering some extreme difficulties with the Internet connection in his building. Unfortunately, until that problem is resolved, John is going to have a tough time posting anything new. I just moved into my new dorm room today (it's a little small, but not Aaron Gleeman-small), so I don't have the time to write a new post tonight. I'll be back tomorrow, however. Until John gets his issues straightened out, about the most you will be able to expect from Twins Chatter is three posts a week. I don't know how the other bloggers out there manage to write every single day (especially those in college), but I simply can't do it on my own. As the division race winds down and the playoffs become a reality rather than probability, we'll be previewing almost every aspect of the postseason. The preview series should begin sometime next week.

In the meantime, anyone have any creative ways to cram two beds, two desks, a couch, and an entertainment center into a small room with all sorts of crazy angles jutting out from the walls? Bueller? Anyone?

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