Thursday, January 27, 2005

A Recent Influx

Unfortunately I don't have enough time to compile a full post tonight (I thought I had a good idea, but it sort of fizzled out on me) although I still do have something that I wish to call to your attention.

Because my family shares a couple of season tickets with a few other people, we recieve four complimentary Twins Fest tickets every year. Since I am by far the biggest Twins fan of the group (in fact, notoriously so) everyone always gives the tickets to me. John or another friend of mine usually comes with me, and I just sell the other two tickets at the gate. This year, not only do I have my two extra tickets but another acquaintance (and fellow season ticket holder) has given me four more tickets because he's not going. Rather than just make a few extra bucks at the gate, I decided I would offer them to our Twins Chatter readers first.

So, if you are planning on going to Twins Fest at the Metrodome this Saturday or Sunday and you don't yet have tickets, drop me an e-mail at and perhaps we can work out some sort of pick-up situation. I'm willing to give them out for free (they'll cost you $10 each at the gate) to Twins Chatter readers only! Otherwise I'll probably just sell them for half price at the Dome on Saturday.

Also, be sure and check back in at Twins Chatter Monday morning as I'll have pictures and perhaps a reaction or two from my annual trek to Twins Fest, as well as some other material from another Twins-related event this weekend. Until then, take care!

-Ryan M.