Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Coming Soon: An all-new era of Twins Chatter

Hello super faithful readers! I know it has been a long, long time since Twins Chatter existed in any real form (pretty much since 2004-05), but I never really gave up the idea that I would start it back up.

Well, after four years of inactivity, that time has finally come, and the impetious is the opening of Target Field. As a season ticket holder (part of a group), I'm planning to be at the new heart of Twins Territory quite a bit this year, and I'll populate this newly-redesigned (read: simpler) blog with my thoughts about the venue, with a few rants about the team thrown in as well.

I'm planning for there to be less writing and more multimedia (videos, audio, pictures); the old Twins Chatter format (a daily column analyzing the team and its performance) has fallen out of favor since the early days of blogging.

Who knows what will happen, but it should be fun! Stay tuned!