Monday, May 31, 2004


Twins Chatter doesn't take a holiday but do to the recent rash of poor play we are taking the day off to rest our poor heads. Yesterday the Twins and Kyle Lohse finally got back into the win column. This coming after a week of terrible play against below average competition. Don't get the wrong idea, we at Twins Chatter are not fair weather fans (anyone who was around during the mid to late 90's could not be), we just have high expectations for our team. Luckily there is some good news. The team is two games out of first and looks to be getting pheonom Joe Mauer back within the week. In a lot of ways this swoon has come at a much better time then last years'. If the team can begin to pull things together it will be setting itself up for a strong summer. Still, there are things that concern me with this team such as improved competition from the White Sox this year, our own inconsistent play, and too much being expected from a guy who has played in exactly one major league ball game. This will probably be a topic of a future column this week. Until then make sure to cast your vote for us to be in the World Series of blogs. We are so new to this but are very excited whenever we receive any recognition. Hope to see you back here tomorrow at your source for insightful, thoughtful, and somewhat opinionated Minnesota Twins coverage.