Tuesday, June 14, 2005

It Was a Nice Run...

In case you hadn't noticed by my utter lack of new posts recently, blogging has pretty much fallen by the wayside for me recently. There are simply too many things going on in the "real" world right now for me to dedicate the proper amount of time necessary to Twins Chatter, in order to give you the thought-provoking analysis you deserve. So as of right now, I will be on indefinite leave from Twins Chatter. Rest assured, I am not abandoning my favorite team - far from it. I'm still watching/attending every game that I can and reading up on the Hometown Nine when I get the chance. However, I've realized that I'm simply not cut out to be a blogger, especially after John quit and I attempted to go solo. I knew my days were numbered then... I just didn't realize how numbered.

However, I encourage you to keep perusing the blogs linked on the left side of this page. SBG's site has really taken off this year, and Gleeman continues his run of dominance (mark my words: you'll be reading him in some national publications before he's done). As always, Seth and the Geek continue to fight the good fight.

It was a nice run, one that lasted little over a year here at Twins Chatter. I don't know it I shall be back later this summer or this off-season; we shall see. Until then, I'm Ryan Maus saying so long, everybody.

-Ryan M.

Friday, June 03, 2005

The Non-View From the Cheap Seats

Now that Twins Chatter has been restored, I had planned on winding the week down with a few pictures from my trip to the East Coast. It wasn't a baseball-centric trip (as most of my other ones are) but I did get to a couple games, as I said yesterday. Just so you know, I have been doing my best to keep up with the Twins (I listened to some of today's non-televised game on the radio) and I'll be rip-roaring ready to go next week with some Twins analysis, including my second-annual draft preview post (on the heels of last year's critically acclaimed version).

Unfortunately for me (and indirectly, you as well) my computer here at home isn't working very well right now and I've been unable to upload any pictures; this time I actually took a pretty good ones too. If I can, I'll upload them some time this weekend.

I will also be in attendence at tonight's Yanks-Twins tilt. Let's just hope A-Rod and his band of not-so-merry millionaires aren't out for blood following their embarassing sweep by the Royals this week...

Until then, have a good weekend everyone.

-Ryan M.