Saturday, April 24, 2004

State of this Blog Address

Well, it has officially been one week since this site, Twins Chatter, went public. It sure seems like a lot longer to me, I know that! But opening week has been a great experience for John and I, although maintaining a blog has turned out to be more work that either of us expected. We've had a ton of entries posted already- I have something like 6 actual posts, and John has about 5. We've even had a couple of creative columns that I know a lot of people found entertaining- my Blanco "article" and John's letter to Victory Sports. We're gonna try and keep things fresh around here, to get you all coming back for more.

Site traffic has been better than expected. It's great to have an avenue like the DTFC Twins forum to spread the word to a large group of die-hard Twins fans. I know a few people around the Northfield area also read this blog on a regular basis, which is good to know. We've also been able to procure links at The Bad Twin, Aaron's Baseball Blog (although you really have to look to find us there), and even at Twins Geek! Thanks a ton John Bonnes! Hopefully enough people will see our link over there, as if we could even get a tiny fraction of the Geek's traffic it would be mind-boggling. Also, I'm sure the boys over at the Baseball Boys will be linking us soon as well, because I know Eric checks out the site. Also, our John would also never forgive me if I failed to mention Will Young, who I know he reads religiously.

Our number one supporter has been Seth from over at Seth Speaks. He helped introduced us and has mentioned the blog a few times already, including on Friday. Seth is a great guy and you should all check him out if you haven't already.

Now, I come to the actual point of this post. We here at Twins Chatter want to know what YOU, the reader, think of our site thus far. What have we done well? What have we not done as well? Do you think the content is interesting? Do you like the writing? What aspects do you like and think we should expand upon? Does the site look okay- are you still having problems loading it? Any thoughts you might have I strongly encourage you post in a comment below. We really would like some feedback in order to give us a new direction or reassure us about our current path. If you don't want to post a comment, e-mail me at or John at Either way is fine.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. This post will remain at the top all weekend long, so that as many people as possible will see it. Also, if you're so inclined, you can check out my running recap of Friday's Twins game that was on TV. Man, was it great to watch a game on TV! Who would have thought that I, a poor college student, would have attended more games at Metrodome (3) than I've seen on TV (2)! Friday was an awesome win for the Twins, and it exposed the weak KC bullpen a whole lot more (like they needed more exposure).

Don't forget to post a comment below or e-mail us with your thoughts. We really want to know what you think! Also, look for the first guest columnist to appear next week. Go Twins!