Sunday, September 12, 2004

Procrastination Catches Up

The first rule you are supposed to learn about college is that it is not high school anymore... meaning that it is time to put everything else aside and get your stuff done on time or else it piles up. Unfortunately for some of us, this lesson is not one that comes easy. Last night was one of those nights where I wished I had known better. I spent an entire weekend accomplishing everything but getting my homework done with five hours of class in front of me come Monday. Ryan is having similar issues adjusting to school (or maybe he just has more to do then me). In any matter, sometimes life catches up to us and unfortunately it gets in the way of more important things, such as this blog. That is why we must apologize for no new entry today. We will for sure have a new column tomorrow with no new deadlines for school in sight.

Meanwhile the world turned and the Twins' three starters not named Johan or Brad were able to win three games in a row this weekend. That's three consectutive games, people. I doubt such a thing has happened in a really long time. This comes with a slight caveat in that it occurred against the Tigers. In winning all their games this weekend the team was able to clinch a winning record for the year as they continued their march toward the playoffs.

Make sure to check out how Ryan did over at Sethspeaks in the NFL "Experts Picks" section (Note by Ryan: I am the man!). I'm sure we are all crossing our fingers that he was able to at least beat Gleeman:). In all seriousness though, Seth had an excellent article last week ranking the top prospects in the system. He deserves a ton of credit for all the work he does with the Twins minor league box scores throughout the season.

Hope you all are enjoying your Mondays. It is a great time to be a Minnesota sports fan but not so good to be a college student. I must not respectively leave you and return to the giant pile that is my homework.

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