Monday, January 03, 2005

Down, But Not Out

Hello! Anyone still out there? Well, you obviously are if you're reading this, so I'll continue. As you probably noticed, we were a tad lazy here at Twins Chatter with our blogging duties during the holiday season. Other Twins blogs have been going strong, but John and I simply haven't been able to find the time or motivation to write anything worthwhile in a couple of weeks, hence the lack of new material on the site.

Trust me, that will change very soon.

I'm back from vacation and ready to jump back into the fray. Contrary to popular belief, Twins Chatter will not go down without a fight. I'm sure we lost a ton of readers during our extended absence, but no matter. We'll continue to fight the good fight for as long as we can.

While I don't have time to write anything new about the Twins right now, before I do I would like to direct you to Seth Speaks, where yesterday I won the 2004 NFL Expert Picks Challenge, beating out 11 others for the semi-prestigious honor. Needless to say, I am quite proud of myself. This is true despite the fact that I won by exactly 1 (one) game, which is truly amazing considering that we picked the winners of 256 different NFL contests over the past 17 weeks. I don't even follow the NFL that closely, as I've only watched about 10 NFL games all year (most of them being Vikings games). Still, I'm one of those people that never wins ANYTHING (John can attest to that) so it's nice to finally be recognized.

Be sure and stop by tomorrow and/or Wednesday when we get the Twins juices flowing once more. In the meantime, feel free to bask in the glow of my NFL Pick 'Em victory. I don't mind :).

-Ryan Maus