Saturday, May 08, 2004

Glory Glory, Hallelujah!!

Wow! What a strange turn of events! At about 9:00 pm Friday, it was announced that the Twins had reached a new 8-year agreement with Fox Sports Net North for the rights to broadcast Twins baseball. I don't know about you, but I was completely caught off guard when I heard the announcement. My initial reaction was the same as most Twins fans I'm sure: GREAT! The Twins are going to be back on TV! What could be better than that!?

But this new development also raises a ton of new questions, not only about the TV situation (namely the financial terms), but about the future of the franchise. Why did they sign such long deal? Was the deal reached because the Twins felt it would help with the stadium bill (which suffered a big setback in the House on Friday)? Will the failure of Victory have any long or short term financial implications for the team? Were the financial terms offered by FSN actually half decent? Personally I think it had a lot to do with today's stadium development. The team realizes that Victory will be all for naught if the team can't get a new stadium soon.

That's all I'm saying today. John will probably have a more detailed analysis tomorrow. As I type now, the Twins-A's game is not going so well. The Twins have issued an astounding 10 walks, and you aren't going to win too often when you do that. It's tied 9-9 in the 10th, and the game is in the hands of Terry Mulholland. 'Nuff said. But even if we lose today, I will still consider it to be a good day. Rejoice, fellow Twins fans! Rejoice!