Friday, February 18, 2005

Let the Games Begin!

Right on cue: just as those misguided millionaires (and billionaires) of the NHL cancel their season, a new dawn begins - the start of the 2005 Major League Baseball season! Okay, so the season hasn't technically "started" yet, but for all intents and purposes, it really has. The first teams reported to spring training ealier this week, and Twins' pitchers and catchers are set to report this upcoming Sunday and Monday. Even though the temperatures are hovering the single digits up here in MN (brrrrr) I can't help but have a little extra spring in my step, just knowing that they're playing baseball outside down in Florida and Arizona. If you're having a crappy day yourself, just think of baseball in the warm weather and I guarentee you'll feel a whole ton better.

Even though the madatory reporting date isn't for a couple of days, it seems many Twins players are already down in camp working out. The Star Tribune jumped the gun in a similar fashion today, as they're featuring a number of different Twins Spring Training preview articles. One discusses Joe Mays heavily, another is a Q and A with Ron Gardenhire, and yet another is a pretty well-written position-by-position preview from LaVelle E. Neal, who I think does an excellent job as a Twins beat writer. He brings up some very interesting material, which will no doubt serve as fodder for some analysis next week here at Twins Chatter.

I'd also like to direct you to this article (by ESPN's Jayson Stark) which brings up some very valid points about the Yankees' new ace, Randy Johnson. I'm a little skeptical that the Big Unit will mesh with the Big Apple, to be quite honest with you. We'll have to see what transpires over the next eight months.

Also, friend of Twins Chatter Stick and Ball Guy continues his very poplular Pepper! feature today. Stadium guru Shane from Greet Machine is featured, and the two have some insightful things to say (despite the word limit!).

That's about all I have time for today at Twins Chatter. I know I've been saying this for a few days now, but I promise to finish up my AL Central Spring Training previews next week. I kinda got sidetracked during the latter part of this past week with homework and the Johan signing, but we'll get back on schedule very soon. Thanks for stopping by the site today and have a great weekend!

-Ryan Maus