Thursday, April 22, 2004


First off, I want to tell everybody to check out John’s latest post below, a creative letter to Victory Sports and the cable companies from a recovering Twins “addict”- I think it’s hilarious! It’s also extremely relevant today because of the recent news about this alleged “progress” in the Victory Sports negotiations. Hopefully, the governor stepping in will help, but I seriously doubt it.

By the way, I was one of the approximately 5% of Minnesotans who were actually able to see yesterday’s disappointing 11-9 loss to the Tigers. I was one of the 15,158 people in attendance at the Metrodome, and it was a lot of fun (it always is). Twins baseball is still one of the best deals in town, as for $9 I was able to get a ticket (student discount night), two hot dogs (Dollar-a-Dog night), and a pop (ironically, my most expensive purchase!). Talk about a steal!

After watching the game, I have made a momentous decision in the history of this blog, one that will either solidify my place in history forever or doom me to eternal anonymity: “Sweet” Lew Ford is now the official player of Twins Chatter! I’m sure he is absolutely thrilled to receive this honor- closed circuit to Lew, I expect my complimentary season tickets to be delivered by Thursday.

Even though Brad Radke was horrific against these new-and-improved formula Tigers, Ford was once again “en fuego”. He went 3 for 5 with a 2-RBI triple. Boy, can he fly around the basepaths! He also made two nice plays in the outfield, including an impressive sliding catch. Ah, the wonders of Field Turf, as such a catch wouldn’t have even been possible in years past. I’ve been a Ford supporter for a while, but I have been utterly floored by his performance this season. Sure, no one can play this well forever, but if he can even play at a fraction of the level he’s at right now Lew Ford is going to be a solid major leaguer for a long time. I’m not advocating that he replace Hunter (yet), but I think this makes Jacque Jones even more expendable. Whether or not that is a good thing for Jacque’s trade value, I don’t know. Whatever the case may be, I’m actually not that sad to see that Torii suffered a mild setback today.

On another note, the enigma that is Brad Thomas was dealt to the Red Sox on Wednesday for the ever-available Player to Be Named Later or Cash. Thomas may have talent, it didn't look like he would ever put it together for the Twins. I’m glad Terry Ryan was able to get something in return. John reminded me of Ryan’s excellent track record when dealing with Boston, so hopefully this PTBNL will turn out to be the next Lew Ford! We here at Twins Chatter wish Brad the best of luck with his new organization

That’s all I’ve got for today. Again, be sure and check out John’s “letter” as it is well worth reading. It sums up my personal feelings as well. Thanks for checking out the site and keep spreading the word!

P.S. I just want to thank Seth for mentioning us in semi-regular feature “Blog Spotting” on Tuesday. It was our best day ever in terms of traffic and we appreciate it a lot!

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